We’re a Laravel Certified Company

Rareloop is a Laravel Certified Company

As heavy users of Laravel for over 8 years we’ve gained a great deal of experience using it to build amazing digital products for our clients. Over this time we’ve seen it grow and mature into the world’s most popular PHP framework with a huge surrounding ecosystem.

We’re thrilled to be able to announce that we are the first (and currently only!) company on the South Coast to be an official Laravel Certified Company. This means that our team have been recognised for their expert knowledge and experience of both the Laravel framework and modern PHP programming.

Certification is a great validation for our development teams hard work and provides our clients with even more confidence of quality in an area that can be hard to assess if they’re not technical. If you’d like us to help you build a dashboard, portal, web app or SaaS product please do get in contact.

Here are some recent examples of products we’ve created, powered by Laravel:

Intelligent Insurance
Intelligent Insurance Customer Portal

Streamlining the user experience with a single destination customer portal that boosted sales, increased conversions and brought much-needed efficiencies.

Intelligent Insurance Customer Portal
Alcohol Change UK
Try Dry: The Dry January App

Try Dry, the global Dry January app that's helped over 250k improve their health relationship with alcohol and drink more healthily year-round

  • >250k
  • £30m
    Money saved
  • 42m
    Units saved
Try Dry: The Dry January App
John Charcol
Electronic ID Verification App

How we helped John Charcol transform their customer ID verification process, providing a better customer experience, improving their ‘Know Your Client’ and ‘Anti Money Laundering’ checks and enabling business as usual throughout the UK coronavirus lockdown period.

Electronic ID Verification App
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