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We’re an experienced team of Ionic app developers. Based in the UK we have more than 10 years experience building hybrid apps using Ionic, Capacitor and Cordova.

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Ionic App Development Services

Build once, run everywhere! Ionic are cross-platform apps that can be run on both iOS & Android. We provide design, development and delivery services tailored to the needs of each app.

Cross-platform Ionic apps

From planning, to design, to development and ongoing support, we have over 10 years of experience creating successful Ionic based mobile apps for both businesses and charities. We understand the technology, the infrastructure and the processes required to create robust apps that scale.

Capacitor & Cordova development

We’ve worked with Hybrid app technology since its inception and are experts in both Cordova/PhoneGap and Capacitor development. We can also help you upgrade your app from Cordova to Capacitor.

Mobile app backends

Most mobile apps need to store data and this requires a server based backend. We can build mobile app backends using Laravel, whether this is just a bespoke API for sending and receiving data or whether you need a more fully featured dashboard or web portal.

Ionic offline data capture apps

We’re specialists in creating apps that work well offline, storing captured data until an internet connection is detected. We’ve built apps to gather in the field survey information, log on-site health & safety reports or track remote welfare visits.

Ionic UI prototyping & design

As a Digital Product Studio we’re able to help take and app from concept to delivery. It’s important that you build the right features and experience into your app and prototyping and UI design is how we can help you test this before we write any code.

Ionic maintenance & support

We provide a structured app maintenance service to ensure security patches are applied and that your app is kept up to date with mainline Ionic releases. In addition to proactive maintenance we also provide reactive support for when you need it.

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Why use Ionic for hybrid app development?

Ionic is a mature and stable UI toolkit for building powerful and easy to use cross platform mobile apps. Built on standard web technology, Ionic enables us to write a single codebase that can run anywhere, on iOS, Android or the web. This reduces the time and cost of the initial app build as well as making ongoing maintenance simpler.

Using Ionic, we can create a unique and bespoke app that perfectly meets the needs of each project, rather than being forced down a specific path by overly restrictive technology.

Find out more about Ionic in our deep-dive into Hybrid vs Native.

Native vs hybrid, what’s the best approach for app development in 2021?

Native apps are developed specifically for each platform, hybrid apps are written using a single common codebase. We discuss the best approach for 2021.

Why choose Rareloop as your Ionic app development partner?

We have over 10 years experience creating hybrid apps for both iOS & Android using tools such as Ionic, Cordova and Capacitor. The apps we’ve created have helped businesses and charities solve problems or enable growth. We also understand what it takes to build a robust and adaptable app that can be rapidly scaled.

Our UK based team work with you as a partner to understand your goals and maximise the impact of your mobile application. As a Digital Product Studio we’re also able to assist across the entire product development lifecycle, from concept to delivery.

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Our Work

Ionic app projects

Take a look at some of our recent partnerships. We’ve helped clients build powerful and scalable Ionic based apps that have helped them succeed and grow.

Industrial Cleaning Equipment
The ICE video support app

Real time, expert video support in the palm of your hand. Helping ICE provide technical support to their remote customers, reduce their operating costs and a positive impact on the environment.

  • £250k
    Saved per year
The ICE video support app
Alcohol Change UK
Try Dry: The Dry January App

Try Dry, the global Dry January app that's helped over 250k improve their health relationship with alcohol and drink more healthily year-round

  • >250k
  • £30m
    Money saved
  • 42m
    Units saved
Try Dry: The Dry January App
John Charcol
Electronic ID Verification App

How we helped John Charcol transform their customer ID verification process, providing a better customer experience, improving their ‘Know Your Client’ and ‘Anti Money Laundering’ checks and enabling business as usual throughout the UK coronavirus lockdown period.

Electronic ID Verification App

Rareloop enabled us to go from an idea to a shippable product used by thousands of people. They offered expert insight into the app development process, focussing heavily on user experience, and were able to work with our in house team.

Craig Philbrick, Product Owner

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