Intelligent Insurance Website

Helping homeowners secure high quality home insurance

Creating a new website for a leading specialist home insurance provider to improve customer experience and efficiently handle service requests.

Helping homeowners secure high quality home insurance


Intelligent Insurance is a specialist home insurance provider dedicated to helping homeowners who have non standard or unusual circumstances. They have an impressive 5-star Defaqto rating which speaks to their commitment to delivering a high quality product. Having previously collaborated with Intelligent Insurance to streamline their customer portal and improve the user experience, we were excited to partner with them again.

The Challenge

Intelligent Insurance came to us because they wanted to elevate their website to better reflect the high level of service that they offer. They had a few key goals in mind: simplify the navigation to make information easier to find, boost their search engine visibility to reach more potential customers, streamline client interactions to efficiently handle service requests and improve satisfaction, and ensure top-notch website security to protect sensitive customer data.

Discovery & Design

Working closely with the team at Intelligent Insurance, we dug into detail to understand what they needed their website to achieve and who they wanted to target. Together, we created user personas, identifying key customer needs and documenting workflows and journeys throughout the site. This enabled us to identify some key usability enhancements which would make it easier for a customer to find the information they need, such as policy documentation or specialist insurance for their niche circumstance. Building on this, a robust site structure was designed which allowed for the creation of a comprehensive help centre, and organising other site content in a way that makes sense to users.

Intelligent Insurance Discovery

Aesthetically, we wanted to create a professional but welcoming feel that built trust with visitors. A clean contemporary design was created that evolved Intelligent Insurance’s existing visual identity, modernising the colour palette and typography. Personable photography was also used throughout the site to help maintain a human connection.

Intelligent Insurance Component Designs
Intelligent Insurance Design System

WordPress Page Builder

Intelligent Insurance needed a website that could keep up with their evolving content strategy. They needed to be able to make updates quickly and draw from a wide range of content layouts, while keeping everything looking consistent and on-brand.

To support this we implemented a custom page builder inside the popular open-source Content Management System (CMS) WordPress. The page builder provided the team with a library of reusable content layouts that can be used anywhere on the site. This gave non-technical content editors the flexibility to add and change pages using any combination of components. As well as unlocking huge editorial power, a bespoke Page Builder like this also ensures that brand consistency is maintained across the site. It also reduces the risk that the site’s overall look and feel is accidentally degraded.

Intelligent Insurance Help Centre

Help Centre & Live Chat

Intelligent Insurance put a high value on customer experience and wanted to make sure the new website was a resource that would allow customers to self-serve answers to common questions. A comprehensive Help Centre was created to support this aim. The Help Centre is a well structured resource of information. It has a powerful search function, well-organised categories, and enables customers to give feedback on how helpful each article is. We also tuned the markup and schema JSON to ensure that each help article is as SEO optimised as possible.

No matter how good the Help Centre is there will always be times that a customer will need to talk to a real person. An integration with Zendesk via their chat widget and form capture functionality ensured this transition was smooth for customers and also scaleable for Intelligent Insurance support teams.

Improving security

To comply with Intelligent Insurance’s high security standards we implemented a Content Security Policy (CSP) for the site. A CSP is an additional set of instructions that a web browser can use to make decisions about what code is downloaded and run on a site. It helps block potentially harmful content and reduces the risk of attacks. We customised the CSP to work seamlessly with Intelligent Insurance’s WordPress setup, supporting the scripts and functionality they needed whilst offering additional protection to their visitors.

What is a Content Security Policy (CSP)?

What is a Content Security Policy, what does it protect your website from and why is it important to have one?

The site was also subjected to an independent Penetration Test to verify its security credentials and passed with flying colours.

Thank you Rareloop - we are all delighted with the new look website and the increased efficiencies this is adding to our service delivery. The team provided excellent project management, are efficient, professional and just lovely to work with. We look forward to continuing to work together on our projects in the future.

Vanessa Real, Chief Marketing Officer
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