Discovery & Strategy

Discovery & Strategy

Identify and prioritise the right problem to solve today without losing focus on future opportunities. We help you define the organisational objectives that drive the product, understand and validate user expectations and assess technical feasibility.


More comprehensively understand your future product or feature, it's stakeholders and the best process for going from concept to reality. Challenge assumptions and refine the concept through iteration and learning.

Design Sprints

Collaboratively solve difficult business problems in 3-5 day workshops. Together we'll define the challenge, quickly explore alternative solutions, create a prototype and test with real users. All in less than one week.

Innovation Days

Explore and validate new ideas. Get up to speed with how new technologies and processes can benefit your organisation.

One of the benefits of working with Rareloop is how they listen to our instructions but challenge our thinking in a constructive and positive manner. They don’t just deliver what we think we want, but combine our requirements and ideas with their creativity and technical expertise. We have found that this leads to better outcomes that often exceed our initial expectations.

Mike Craft - TFT

Why is this important?

Designing any non-trivial product, be in a website, an app, a dashboard, bot or workflow system inherently comes with a lot of unknowns and initially more questions then there are answers. It’s important not only to build something well, but to make sure you build the right thing well.

The Design Council defines it like this:

“In all creative processes a number of possible ideas are created (‘divergent thinking’) before refining and narrowing down to the best idea (‘convergent thinking’), and this can be represented by a diamond shape. But the Double Diamond indicates that this happens twice – once to confirm the problem definition and once to create the solution. One of the greatest mistakes is to omit the left-hand diamond and end up solving the wrong problem.”

Our Discovery & Strategy services help you reach an actionable problem definition ready to move onto Design & Build.

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