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A companion app for the 'Wellness at Sea' programme, run by Sailors' Society, designed to help seafarers be more aware of their own wellbeing.

The Challenge

Sailors' Society is a UK based charity that works around the world with merchant seafarers. It runs the Wellness At Sea coaching programme aimed at improving seafarers' on board well-being.

Traditionally delivered as a workshop format to multiple delegates in a port, they wanted to produced a complimentary resource that could be used by the seafarer whilst at sea. The tool would need to empower the seafarers to take responsibility and monitor their own wellness in between ports.

As internet connection is poor whilst travelling by ship, whatever digital solution produced would need to be able to function offline and tolerent to connection dropouts.

What We Did

We worked closely with Sailors' Society to produce a mobile app that could directly address the key areas of concern for merchant seafarers.

The app allows seafarers to track daily progress against Physical, Intellectual, Spiritual, Social & Emotional wellness and provides feedback on how they were doing against previous days.

Seafarers can search for the vessel they are on and get details of the next port along their journey including information on Seafarer Centres and chaplains in the area. Amongst other resources, it also includes the entire Bible, reading material from Sailors' Society and important information on their rights as a seafarer.

Shortlisted for a Premier Digital Award
Wellness at Sea mobile app onboarding screenshot


We worked on making the onboarding process for new seafarers as frictionless as possible. No step was compulsory but we aimed to communicate why the information being asked for was relevant and how, ultimately, it would help the seafarers in app experience. The onboarding also integrated with the popular Marine Traffic service (via their API) to allow seafarers to search for the ship they're currently on.

Wellness at Sea mobile app daily reports screenshot

Adding Daily Reports

In addition to having a wide variety of bundled resources (full Bible, magasine articles, workers rights information, etc), the app's core is the Daily Reporting functionality. This allows seafarers to take ownership of their wellbeing and assess their Physical, Mental, Social, Emotional and Spritual attainment each day. Once entries start to be added a seafarer can then also start to see trends in their wellbeing against their percieved mood to start to look for correlation between their own actions and their general wellness.

Wellness at Sea mobile app port directory screenshot

Global Port Database

There was a need to show information about ports, located all around the world. This required us to combine a number of pre-existing databases into a single global Port database. The directory now contains over 7000 ports with details about local laws/customs as well as a list of Chaplains and Seafarers Centers found at each port. We produced an easy to use content management system to allow the Sailors' Society to self manage this data in the future.

Sailors’ Society have worked with Rareloop on two major App development projects. We have experienced professionalism, exceptional skill and customer service, brilliant creativity and strict adherence to set timescales. The Apps have met with huge success since they are well designed by a team of patient experts who were able to transform our plans and dreams into a working reality.

Sandra Welch - Deputy CEO @ Sailors’ Society

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