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The Challenge

The Salute Music Makers competition is designed to unearth the nations best undiscovered music talent. In the early stages of the competition, DIY music makers uploaded their tracks to the Salute website to be judged by a panel of industry leading taste makers including Fiona Bevan, Ras Kwame & Dee Adam. The best 100 tracks are then shortlisted and made available for the public to vote on.

As well as providing voting through their website, Salute wanted to reach the millions of people regularly using Facebook Messenger. They partnered with The Bot Platform to create a Facebook Messenger bot to run an alternative voting mechanism.

What We Did

We were approached by our friends at The Bot Platform to help them provide the bot based online voting system. The conversational aspects of the Messenger bot were provided by The Bot Platform, allowing people to find out about the competition and get started with the voting process. We were asked to produce an extension to the bot, to provide an integrated custom app interface to enable listening to and voting on the shortlisted tracks.

By utilising Facebook’s webview integration we were able to add bespoke functionality to the chat bot without a user ever having to leave the Messenger app. This seamless experience meant that users received all the benefits of a conversational interaction but were able to make use of a more focused traditional app UI when it was needed.

Why a chat bot was the most effective platform?

  1. Large audience

    Benefitted from Messengers huge reach within the UK

  2. Multi platform

    Accessible from both mobile and the web

  3. No learning required

    Users were already familiar with and trust Messenger

  4. No need for login/registration

    Utilised users Facebook account and accessed basic information about them

  5. Simple re-engagement

    Able to send scheduled messages when playlists became available

  6. Easy scaling

    The Bot Platform’s service took away the pain of scaling to large numbers of users

Salute required a seamless integration with Facebook Messenger for a world first playlist voting system that incorporated music videos, playlists and voting functionality. Rareloop went above and beyond our expectations to make Salute Music Messenger a truly innovative part of our pioneering music competition.

Jean-Claude Charnier - Executive Producer @ RVL PRoductions

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