Opex Resources

Six Sigma Tool Finder

We worked with Winchester based OPEX Resources to create a companion app for their best selling Lean Six Sigma book. The app acts as a companion to the book, enabling Six Sigma practitioners to quickly find the right tool for a given scenario.

Route Map

The app includes all the tools from the Amazon best selling Lean Six Sixma book, by OPEX Resources. We followed the same 'DMAIC' categorisation so that the app could act as a quick reference in companion with the printed copy. We implemented a drill down menu system to provide a quick, filtered approach to finding the right tool for any scenario.

Adding Daily Reports

For when the Route Map isn't enough, we implemented a decision based interface to help narrow down the correct tools for a specific task.

The app launched with three shortcuts, tailored for the most commonly used tools and situations a Six Sigma practitioner faces. The interface we designed enabled filtering by providing progressively refined questions until tools could be recommended.

Rareloop’s approach in developing the app was structured, professional and friendly. The app was delivered on time, on budget, and achieved 2,000 downloads in the first two weeks – driving new clients to our publications.

Quentin Brook - Managing Director
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