Laravel Live UK 2019

Laravel Live UK 2019

This year, I had the privilege of attending Laravel Live UK on behalf of Rareloop. The event is an inspiring three day conference bringing hundreds of Laravel and PHP professionals under one roof.

The purpose of this blog post is simply to document my time at the event so anyone out there considering the experience will give it a go.

Here are my 3 highlights from the event:

1. The speakers.

Each speaker presented in their own unique style, showcasing just how much variety there is in the industry.  It was great to see developers from all levels of expertise engaging with the talks, and ultimately coming way with a new understanding or a consolidation of existing knowledge.

2. The food.

I have to say I like food, a lot. Despite my bias on this subject the food served at breakfast and lunch was incredible. Not to mention the venue (The Shaw Theatre) really added to the feel of a polished event.

3. The community.

Last but not least, the community. Over the course of the event it was great to engage with industry leaders and learn shoulder to shoulder with other great developers. Having spent much of my time interacting with the community online, its always great to see the community in action.

To round up, it’s been amazing to see the progression the industry is making, it is a day to day pleasure to be a part of that progress within our work at Rareloop. Thank you to everyone who helped make the event what it was, the organisers, the venue and the attendees.

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