Tearfund Digital HIV Survey

Rareloop teamed up with Gamos to deliver a powerful Android based digital survey for the highly respected UK NGO, Tearfund.

Gamos have over 20 years experience providing research and detailed evaluation/analysis to the development sector. Given the enormous amounts of data collected and the complex statistical analysis required, partnering with Gamos ensured that both the right technical & research expertise were available to deliver on the project’s needs.

It’s amazing to open a data file and find clean data – no pregnant men and that kind of thing. It has cut down the time spent cleaning data, and saved time doing the analysis because you don’t have to keep checking for inconsistenciesNigel Scott, Gamos


The importance of KAP Surveys

KAP Surveys assess changes in the Knowledge, Attitudes & Practices (hence ‘KAP’) of those impacted by NGO interventions. A baseline survey is taken before a project starts providing a benchmark against which change can be measured.

Combined with an endline survey this benchmark allows for the measurement of statistically significant change; directly attributable to the intervention of the development agency. A long and well built questionnaire results in a far higher quality of data but Rareloop’s digital solution ensures that a long survey can be completed quickly, efficiently and in a manner that engages both the enumerator and the interviewee.

Measuring statistically significant change is the ‘holy grail’ for development agenciesDavid Deakin, Tearfund

This KAP survey aimed to assess the state of HIV/Aids support within Malawi. Traditionally Gamos have conducted these studies using pen & paper but, given the size of the questionnaire, this time they took advantage of Rareloop’s digital solution.


This project also represented the largest dataset collected by a single Rareloop form, gathering approximately 500k data points on the baseline survey alone.

Rareloop Form

Rareloop forms enable both qualitive and quantative data capture on modern touch screen tablet computers. By harnessing the power of HTML5 they can be deployed to iPads, Androids or Blackberry devices offering the maximum flexibility possible in terms of cross platform support.

Data Integrity on SD Cards

Rareloop’s forms automatically send all submissions to a central server, storing submissions locally when internet coverage is not present. Due to poor GSM coverage in the particular area of Malawi this technique was assessed to be inappropriate and support for local SD Cards was added to enable stored submissions to be accessed directly by a team leader in the field. All submissions on the SD Card were saved in a standard CSV format, readable directly via Excel or SPSS.

By offering a number of storage and delivery mechanisms, Rareloop forms can be adapted for efficiency in any given scenario.

Vastly Improved Data Quality

Rareloop’s flagship product has many features to help improve both the quality of the data collected and the experience of the user filling in the form, including:

Support for full boolean logic showing questions or even whole pages based on previous questions. Even the most complex, multi-facetted surveys become quick and user friendly.

Numerical ranges can be applied to numeric inputs, ensuring that all data captured falls within required values.

Automatic questions adding the time of submission, or even geolocation, is possible behind-the-scenes, giving richer data without extra overhead for the user.

Required fields questions can be marked as required for questions that will are significant for analysis or impact the logic of the form.

Cost Savings

It’s often assumed that the cost of digital data collection is higher but Gamos demonstrated that a Rareloop form costs no more than traditional pen & paper, thanks in part to being able to cut out many man hours in the data delivery, transciption, concatonation & data cleansing prior to analysis.

Users in the field also noticed a marked difference.

It’s brilliant! It saves such a lot of time shuffling papers, making sure you’ve got the right stuff with you. All you have to do is grab the tablet and you’re ready to goGray Sidira, M&E Officer, Milawi


How the savings & costs stack up with a Rareloop digital form: Savings

  • Data entry software – eliminate need for computer assisted data entry.
  • Data entry – no need to recruit data entry staff or appoint extra supervisors.
  • Printing costs – no need to copy paper questionnaires.


  • Hardware – handheld devices.
  • Rareloop Digital Form.

Using Rareloop Digital Form on 12 tablets was no more expensive than using paper



Beta release coming soon

We will be releasing a private beta of our data collection tools as an online service very soon but. If you would like to know more, or want to register your interest for this (or our bespoke data capture applications/service as used in this project) emails us with your details and we can help you sign up to see how Rareloop forms could benefit your organisation.