Clinic Beauty Digital Brochure

Clinic Beauty offers innovative treatments in Southampton’s city center and approached Rareloop to produce a custom digital brochure with data collection capabilities.

The app offers instant access to all of the company’s treatments, beautifully laid out and fully in keeping with their refined branding & provides a rich sales tool for approaching new clients at trade fayres or whilst canvasing shoppers in the Southampton area.

Having our brochure available on a tablet has really helped to boost sales. There is a real ‘wow factor’ when we talk to prospective clients.

Taking cues from their work with HTML5 magazines for tablets, Rareloop created a rich environment for showcasing Clinic Beauty’s work. Transitions and animations bring the content to life and a simple to use mobile optimised form enables data capture from potential clients: elegance and simplicity.

BlackBerry PlayBook

Clinic Beauty required a tablet device that was both large enough to meaningfully display all of their treatments, whilst being small & portabile enough to fit into a jacket pocket. The BlackBerry PlayBook 7″ tablet represented an ideal balance of these requirements.


As well as an incredible screen quality, the PlayBook is a highly capable HTML5 device which, combined with Rareloop’s expertise, allows for a native-app feel and great looking 3D interactions.

Rareloop’s core data collection tools are built using HTML5 but up until now only officially supported iOS & Android. Thanks to the incredible browser that ships with the PlayBook, adding BlackBerry as a supported platform was a quick and painless exercise.

Campaign Monitor Integration

As well as showcasing the available treatments, the ability to capture potential clients details ensures that all leads can be accurately and quickly stored for follow-up later. Thanks to Campaign Monitor’s fully featured API, Rareloop were able to directly input contact details into the clients account.

Rareloop are delighted to support iOS, Android and now BlackBerry for our data collection platform and service. If you’d like to discuss how these tools can help with your data collection needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch.